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Primary care: KLOE

Evidence Based Resources for Primary Care Staff in Bucks

Primary care > KLOE

Need help with KLOE - Key Lines of Enquiry?

Your new Primary Care Librarian can help tick all the boxes:

“Are people’s needs assessed and care and treatment delivered in line with current legislation, standards and evidence-based guidance to achieve effective outcomes?”

“Are people's … care, treatment and support delivered in line with legislation, standards and evidence-based guidance, including NICE and other expert professional bodies, to achieve effective outcomes?”

Be kept informed of new legislation or guidelines or be trained how to find them for yourselves

“How does the service make sure that staff have the skills, knowledge and experience to deliver effective care, support and treatment?”

Thousands of free clinical and non-clinical e-modules available with via OpenAthens plus individualised training packages delivered by the Primary Care Specialist Librarian

“Do staff communicate with people so that they understand their care, treatment and condition and any advice given?”

Health Literacy training teaches techniques to help all primary care staff communication effectively with patients

Do staff have all the information they need to deliver safe care and treatment to people?”

“Is all the information needed to deliver safe care and treatment available to relevant staff in a timely and accessible way?”

Help with clinical and non-clinical literature searches as well as current awareness emails tailored to your particular interests         

“How are lessons learned and themes identified, and is action taken as a result of investigations when things go wrong?”

“Are there robust systems and processes for learning, continuous improvement and innovation?”

“Are there clear and effective processes for managing risks, issues and performance?”

Knowledge Mobilisation training helps you develop and use skills to mobilise knowledge effectively in your organisations – to help learn before, during and after everything you do so that pitfalls can be avoided and best practice replicated.