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NHS Property and Estates Guidance: About HBNs and HTMs

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About Health Building Notes

Health Building Notes give “best practice” guidance on the design and planning of new healthcare buildings and on the adaptation/extension of existing facilities.They provide information to support the briefing and design processes for individual projects in the NHS building programme.

Care-group-based Health Building Notes provide information about a specific care group or pathway but cross-refer to Health Building Notes on generic (clinical) activities or support systems as appropriate. Core subjects are subdivided into specific topics and classified by a two-digit suffix (-01, -02 etc), and may be further subdivided into Supplements A, B etc.

All Health Building Notes are supported by the overarching Health Building Note 00 in which the key areas of design and building are dealt with.

About Health Technical Memoranda

Health Technical Memoranda give comprehensive advice and guidance on the design, installation and operation of specialised building and engineering technology used in the delivery of healthcare (for example medical gas pipeline systems, and ventilation systems). They are applicable to new and existing sites, and are for use at various stages during the inception, design, construction, refurbishment and maintenance of a building. All Health Building Notes should be read in conjunction with the relevant parts of the Health Technical Memorandum series.