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Clinical Audit: Registering a project

Templates and guidance > Registering a project

Things to consider before completing and submitting a clinical audit project form;

1.  Is the purpose of your project to improve patient care?  

                2.  Will the proposed project involve measuring current practice against best practice?

                3.  Do the vast majority of questions ask for quantitative (yes/no) answers?

4.  Does the project involve anything being done to patients that would NOT normally be part of their routine management?

If you answer yes to the first three questions and no to the last one then your project is probably a clinical audit.  If you answer yes to Q4 then your project may be research and you should contact the Trust’s Research & Innovation Department  If you are unsure please ring our Amersham office on 01296 831400 or email 

A copy of our project proposal form can be down loaded below.

Once you have completed the attached project proposal form this needs to be signed by;

  • The Project Lead - someone in a substantive role, often a supervising consultant, who will be responsible for ensuring that the audit results are disseminated and also for supporting the development and implementation of an action plan.
  • The Audit & Effectiveness Lead for your Dept.  - this is to confirm they are aware of your project and it has been discussed at an SDU Governance meeting  and approved for inclusion in the current clinical audit programme.

Once the form is complete and signed, please email it to

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Best wishes,


Clinical Audit Project Proposal Form