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Midwifery: Journals

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Find journal articles

You will need an NHS OpenAthens account to access our journals and journal articles. 

Once you have an OpenAthens account and have logged in, you can see all the resources and databases our trust has access to through OpenAthens authentication. 

To search for a specific title of an article or journal, use " the quotation marks" to search for those combination or order of words only in the appropriate database.

If you have any questions, please do not hesisitate to contact us.

This list is not exhaustive

Athens accounts

What is an Athens account? A username and password that gives you access to a range of online databases and full text resources

Why have one? Access online resources 24/7 from work, home, or on mobile devices

What can I access with it? View our full list of online resources

I have a question about my account Contact the library