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VTE: Audit Process

VTE > Quarterly audit process

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VTE Audit Period

Dates and Deadlines

Quarter 3 2023-2024   Audit period: 1st of October 2023 to 15th December 2023  >   Submission deadline: 15th December 2023

Quarter 4 2023-2024   Audit period: 1st of January 2024 to 15th March 2024   >   Submission deadline: 15th March 2024

Quarter 1 2024-2025   Audit period: 1st of April 2024 to 15th June 2024     >   Submission deadline: 15th June 2024

Quarter 2 2024-2025   Audit period: 1st of July 2024 to 15th September 2024  >  Submission deadline: 15th September 2024

Quarter 3 2024-2025   Audit period: 1st of October 2024 to 15th December 2024   >   Submission deadline: 15th March 2024

VTE audit flowchart


Please download the VTE audit flowchart below that explains the VTE audit process and identifies which wards and departments need to take part.

This document is password protected. To obtain the password please contact or the library.

VTE Audit Forms

Please download the correct excel spreadsheet below.


These documents are password protected. To obtain your password please contact or the library.


Inpatient audit form

For all inpatients.

Maternity audit form - inpatient

Maternity audit form - antenatal clinics

Paediatric audit form

Day case surgery audit form

ICU VTE audit form

Lower limb audit form - ED, minor Injuries and UCC