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Social media: Keeping up to date

Keeping up to date

The best way to use Twitter to keep up to take is make sure that you follow individuals or organisations that reflect your own professional interests.

Think about following:

  • The main Bucks Health Care Twitter account @buckshealthcare
  • Other colleagues within BHT and the wider ICS
  • Leading voices in the NHS and in your specific professional field
  • Professional bodies such as RCN, Royal Colleges etc
  • Two or three key journals in your area of interest
  • Evidence-based sources of information such as NICE and the Cochrane Library
  • Any relevant WeCommunities
  • News sources such as BBC Health
  • Healthbased charities and other organisations
  • Authors of wellknown health-related blogs
  • Key hashtags
  • The Trust Library Service also tweets selects health news stories from various sources - follow @bucksnhslibrary


Follow conferences live on Twitter

Many conferences tweet live updates from the presentations as they happen. Attendees may also tweet their thoughts about what they've heard / learnt.

So even if you are unable to attend a conference, you can often dip into some of the discussions.

To find out how to keep track of a particular conference - past or future, look for the relevant hashtag listed on Symplur

Then log in to Twitter and search for the relevant hastag to follow the discussions.

If you have never used Twitter before find out more here