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Social media: Get started on Twitter

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BHT Social Media Policy

Before setting up and using social media, please read the Trust's Social Media Policy which outlines some important things to be aware of before using your account. Also make sure you are aware of any relevant guidance from your professional body.

Getting started on Twitter

We Communities have produced Twitterversity page which includes an online introductory guide to registering and using Twitter 

This covers

  • How to set up your Twitter account and profile
  • A few key Twitter accounts to follow
  • Top tips for using Twitter

For more experienced Twitter users try:

Twitterversity Graduate Tweeters

Twitterversity Professor Tweeters

WeNurses also has a hashtag #TANTTT

[TeachaNursetoTweetonTuesday] which offers tips on sharing your Twitter knowledge with others

Twitter glossary

Twitter have produced a glossary of terms that you may come across when using Twitter.

The terms you really need to be aware of are:

  • @
  • Direct Messages
  • Follow
  • Hashtag
  • Like
  • Mention
  • Reply
  • Retweet
  • Timeline
  • Trends
  • Who to follow

WeLearn Getting started on Twitter

Video on using Twitter

Please note that this video is not aimed at NHS or healthcare staff but is a useful guide to getting to grips with Twitter.