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Learning Disabilities: Videos

Learning disabilities > Videos


What is a learning disability?

Treat me well

DanceSyndrome - my dancing family

How I nearly terminated my son through ignorance

Reasonable adjustments

Treat me well - asking for reasonable adjustments

Reasonable adjustments make the biggest difference to people’s health and wellbeing

What is the duty to make reasonable adjustments? Equality law - discrimination explained


Communicating with people with learning disabilities

Speaking to people with a learning disability

Challenging behaviour and learning disabilities - independent living

Working with people with autism - the autistic perspective


Liberty Protection Safeguards (LPS) - looking forwards

Safeguarding adults - have we learned the lessons from Steven Hoskin's murder?

Hospital care

Admission to a hospital ward - learning disabilities version

Sepsis information for family and carers of people with a learning disability

Recognising deterioration in people with a learning disabilities

How to decide about prenatal genetic testing

Mental capacity

The Mental Capacity Act - an animated guide

MCA - Mental Capacity Assessment

Using the Mental Capacity Act in the community

Mental Capacity Assessment - nurse-led scenario

Allied health - cognition assessment of capacity