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Homepage: Request a literature search

Request a literature search

What do I get when I request a literature search?

  • Our librarians will search the most appropriate databases and other resources to your topic
  • We select the results that best answer your question 
  • Results include links to full text articles, where available

Why use our literature search service?

  • Over 60% of those who used the service found it saved them at least 3 hours of their time
  • We aim to meet whatever deadline you set for us
  • A survey of our literature search service shows that the information provided can make a difference to patient care and improving quality 

To request a search (BHT staff only) please complete the form below.

What people said about our literature search service

"Thank you so much for completing the search, it was exactly what I was hoping for" - Occupational Therapist

"Thank you very much for all your effort in helping me with my presentation. The results of your search were excellent. Better than mine" - Junior doctor