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Request journal articles

How many articles can I order?

You can request up to 30 articles free of charge per year.

How long will they take to arrive?

Usually within 48 hours. In some instances, it may take longer but we will notify you if there is a delay.

How will I know when the article(s) have arrived?

We will forward articles to the email address that you specify. Occasionally articles arrive via the post in which case we will put it in the internal mail to you or you can arrange to collect from the library.

Check for Instant Access

Before submitting an article request you can quickly check if instant access is available.

  • Paste the DOI or PMID for the article into the search box below and click on 'find article'
  • If the article is available you will be able to download the PDF or view the article in your browser  

Lookup a journal article by DOI or PMID 

What people said about our journal request service

"Wow, thanks ever so much for that: very efficient!"

Junior doctor