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Some useful Twitter hastags for revalidation

Hashtags are a useful way to find information on Twitter on a particular topic.

Eg #revalidation should find any tweet that has been tagged with this subject

Here are some suggestions for other useful hashtags



You could also try following

  • NMC
  • RCN
  • RCNi (previously RCN publishing)
  • WeNurses
  • WeHVs (Health visitors)
  • WeDNs (District Nurses)
  • WeEOLC (End of Life Care)

What is Twitter and how can it support my revalidation?

What is Twitter?

Twitter is a free social media tool that allows people from around the world to share information and views about any and everything using short messages called Tweets, which have a maximum of 140 characters.

Tweets can contain links to other websites, include photos, videos etc. The information added to Twitter can be very fast paced and it can often be the first place a headline news story breaks before making the news on TV or elsewhere online.

Everyone who has a Twitter account has their own Twitter homepage. From here you post your own Tweets and also choose whose Twitter pages you would like to follow which can either be individuals or organisations e.g. RCN, Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust.

Tweets from the sources you follow will appear in your timeline so everything you want to keep up to date with appears in one place. If you have a smartphone or tablet, you can download the Twitter app for quick access.

Please note that the Trust has a social media policy which includes the use of Twitter for work-related purposes. Before setting up a Twitter account, please check the policy for details of acceptable use.

More information about Twitter

How can Twitter support revalidation?

It can be useful for revalidation as a way of keeping up to date

  • New research evidence
  • News from NMC, RCN and other nursing -related bodies
  • Sharing experiences of revalidation with other nurses across the country
  • Discussing topics related to nursing in real time using Twitter chats - if you actively contribute to a Twitter chat, this could contribute towards some of your participatory learning hours

What are Twitter chats?

A Twitter Chat is a live discussion on a specific theme via Twitter - anyone with a Twitter account can contribute using the pre-agreed hashtag e.g.  #wenurses

Sometimes Twitter Chats revolve around a new piece of evidence or it can be a general discussion around a 'hot topic'

How do I find what Twitter chats are coming up?