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Allied Health Professionals: Children and young people (CYP)

A platform for all BHT (registered and support) AHP staff to easily access information regarding personal and professional development, training opportunities available and useful resources

AHP Bitesize learning - Children and young people (CYP)

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Autism in the early years - resources


Louise Mitchell, Speech and Language Therapy Clinical Lead for early years ASD


  • What is autism?
  • What is the diagnostic criteria for autism?
  • Challenging the diagnostic criteria for autism
  • How to support children in clinics/visits

Common eye issues in children - resources


Asha Sharma, Lead Orthoptist


  • What is an orthoptist?
  • What types of patients do orthoptists see?
  • Common eye conditions - squint, refractive error, nystagmus, ptosis, retinoblastoma, mechanical restrictions due to congenital muscle problems.

Fussy/selective eating in children - resources


Gemma Ransome and Naomi Riley, Paediatric Dietitians


  • Normal feeding and development
  • Signs and symptoms of a fussy eater
  • Strategies to tackle fussy eating
  • Longer term problems
  • When to refer to a dietitian
  • Extreme fussy eaters/ARFID

Paediatric MSK physiotherapy - resources


Kirsty Campbell, Musculoskeletal physiotherapy and aquatic therapy lead


  • Growth & development
  • Common conditions
  • Normal variants
  • Top tips

Sensory processing in CYP - resources


Beth Smart, Operational Lead for CYP Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy


  • Raising awareness that SP may be an underlying cause of difficulties in your patients
  • Identifying your sensory systems
  • See behaviour, think sensory
  • See motor, think sensory