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Allied Health Professionals: Topic refreshers

A platform for all BHT (registered and support) AHP staff to easily access information regarding personal and professional development, training opportunities available and useful resources

AHP Bitesize learning - Topic refreshers


Delirium and Dementia

7/12/22 Rhod Broad, Dementia Specialist Nurse

G-AP goals, an example of client centred goal setting

9/1/2024 Emma Royal, Specialist Neurological Occupational Therapist

Occupational Therapy, Occupation - A reminder!

Osteoporosis and physical activity

04/03/2024 Amanda Baker, Physiotherapist and Femoral Fracture Practitioner 

The role of sleep in neurorehabilitation

08/03/2024 Laura Hartley, Specialist Neurological Occupational Therapist

Music therapy in respiratory and neuro-rehab

Ellie Ruddock, Music therapist - Wycombe Stroke Unit

Diabetic foot and prevention of amputation

18/10/22 Erin Lee, Podiatrist

Motivational Interviewing


Nutrition in Parkinson's Disease

Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment (CGA)

Radiography - Xray image interpretation

05/02/2024 An introduction to X-ray image interpretation for injury by Jamie Sewell (Radiology Training and Education Lead)