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Introduction to the Thrive@BHT team toolkit

The Thrive@BHT team toolkit is a resource guide designed to help teams reunite, reconnect and rebuild following the experiences of 2020-21. Regardless of where you work within BHT and in whichever team, every single one of us and as a result every single team, has been affected by the events of the pandemic. This toolkit provides additional support and ideas to the Thrive@BHT team support package.

You can use this toolkit when working with your teams to encourage team working and recognise the contribution it can make to the delivery of safe and compassionate patient care, from committed staff working within a common culture.

It offers:

  • Theories to help you work effectively with your team
  • Evidence demonstrating the importance and impact of team development within the NHS
  • Tools and exercises to help you develop team working in your particular area


About this guide

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