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BHT Thrive: Purpose and direction

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Reunite around shared purpose and set a new direction

When teams are fused by a common purpose, they become quick and adaptable, especially in complex situations.  A common “why” creates more efficient and adaptable relationships and teams.

Defining the team's purpose

In establishing its purpose, the team is articulating what its members are collectively there to do. The purpose statement should be clear enough to let the team and the entire organisation know when it has being achieved.

*Attachments from team toolkit:

Developing a team vision

Developing shared values

Team Canvas

Values tree activity

A values tree can illuminate the origins of our various values and how they’ve shaped our perception overall.

Draw a big tree on a piece of paper. The tree should include roots, a trunk, and branches.

  • The roots of the tree: on post it notes jot down any values that you’ve taken from your family or childhood. “Think about your family culture and the values that your parents, guardians, grandparents, and other relatives embodied and passed on to you.”
  • The trunk of your tree: jot down any values that have come from any other sources.
  • The branches: write down any values you’re wanting to grow in your team.

Once you’re done, reflect on whether there are any overlapping values on your tree. Circle or highlight any values that seem particularly important to focus on at this time. Which values are most needed for the tree to thrive?

CARE values

Ask yourself or ask others



What does Collaboration mean to me?

What actions you may take to make this real, how you live it in the workplace

What does Aspire mean to me?

How does this look and feel

What does Respect mean to me?

How can I live this value everyday, how do we demonstrate this within the team

What does Enable mean to me?

What activity can I do to enable others, as a team how do we collectively enable ourselves to move forward/keep learning/keep developing