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BHT Thrive: Belonging

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Self-reflection is a key element to personal growth and allows us to be more aware of ourselves and how we show up at work. By looking inward, we can be more open and honest about what makes us who we are and make more authentic connections with others. Creating a respectful, inclusive and supportive team environment in which everyone can be their authentic selves and flourish.

Welcoming new team members

It is important to ensure new colleagues feel welcomed and as though they belong when joining the team.

What do you do for new starters in your department?

You may want to create an induction pack for new starters - fill with whatever would be useful and appreciated: pen, highlighter, post it notes, chocolate/sweets, tea/coffee, biscuits

Get to know your new colleagues:

  • What are their strengths?
  • What do you they like doing in their spare time?

How do they like to work?

Top tips for managers

  • Get to know your team members individually
  • Set goals for each team member (considering their interests/passions where possible)
  • Give everyone a chance to be heard and ensure all contributions are considered


Team meeting activity

You may want to consider:

  • What skills/qualities do you bring individually to the team
  • What qualities do you appreciate in each other? (Give each person a piece of paper, all write your name at the top, pass the pages round so each person can write what they appreciate about their colleagues)
  • Learn about and celebrate each other/their culture – for example, hold a 'world food day'

Identity signs activity

An activity that highlights how different identities may be experience or differently salient for each individual.